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Howdy people! I'm Dhwaj. These are the things I like- 1. Dairy milk chocolate 2. Playing with Pari and Diwisha 3. Watching nursery rhymes 4. Sitting behind the wheel (shhh....don't tell anyone 'cos I don't have a license. I'm just kidding! I do that only when the caa-rh is stationary) 5. Did I mention I… Continue reading Expressions!



Bewitched by a love, whose Periphery finite Bequeathed under a spell, whose Charm frivolous Brimaced by those soft touches, in Bridled territories For a lust, bestial, uncouth Consummated For a genesis, birth  Of Yet another Life.   By Taranum (copyright, July 2017)   via Daily Prompt: Lust