Dreams in the night are Nefarious valleys Navigated, circumvented- Unfurling a layer, buried Deep down, beyond the Mohorovicic- Peeled alleys run through, like Rats, which don't remember those Evaporated memories, cryptic Incidents erupting in the moonless Night's silence. Dreams in the day are Parallel universes Navigated, circumvented- Unveiling fractions of Realities, cushioned below those Loams,… Continue reading Dreams



1. What’s with these devices? Parodies of Half-truth and Naked lies, clothed in Jute bags, durable, non-elastic Pompous. What’s with these devices? Parodies of Hooliganism, propaganda of Bigotry, manifested  As microphones, noisy, expansive Over-whelming. What’s with these devices? Parodies of Post-truth and Cryptic lies, clothed in Suits and ties, showy, gaudy Hurtful. Fourth-estate, Religion, Politics-… Continue reading Post-truth



Bewitched by a love, whose Periphery finite Bequeathed under a spell, whose Charm frivolous Brimaced by those soft touches, in Bridled territories For a lust, bestial, uncouth Consummated For a genesis, birth  Of Yet another Life.   By Taranum (copyright, July 2017)   via Daily Prompt: Lust