1. It skitters and Splatters on edges, along Tangents, a directionless Singularity. 2. It is a wave of Coldness, draughts Of air that vanish in The rifts and deep Valleys. 3. It flows as a Fragrant breeze Emanating from shafts And hearths duped by Gravity. 4. A disquisition of Inductions, deductions Unanswered since Ages. 5.… Continue reading Time


The lapwings on my windowpane

How do I classify Momentary evanescence That skitters On my window pane, Quietly, without any intrusion- The Lapwings lead their entire Lives this way I can't catch hold Of transcience, pecking My being when I Least expect it, unprepared For a foe that disturbs The equilibrium of The yellow-wattled Lapwings Who protest When they see… Continue reading The lapwings on my windowpane



Tethered to A slippery chronology since those Ravenous days of despair, time eating me Away like those termites that vicariously Noiselessly bred in the encroached spaces- Under my bed, inside the hinges of silence: Myriad bubbles forming around my being. (I don't exist anymore.)