Flash fiction

Daily Prompt: Bumble


Tea, mom, photosynthesis!

Her random assortment of words woke up her mother who slept on the couch, adjacent to Tia’s hospital bed.

Amidst a plethora of glucose drips, catheter and a lot of blood, Tia had not slept in the last fourteen hours since delivery.

Now that the baby was no longer in her womb, she felt incomplete, incoherent at this disjoining pressure.

Why is the baby crying? She asked her mother as a few hours old baby woke up because of hunger.

She felt bad that she was unable to breastfeed because she couldn’t bear the pain, because she wasn’t strong enough to still go ahead with nursing.

Don’t worry Tia! I would feed him. You sleep. Her mother said in a tone of calm reassurance.

Alright, she bumbled in a tone so low, that her mother couldn’t hear but inferred her daughter’s fatigue and her inclination to sleep.


By Taranum (July 2017)

via Daily Prompt: Bumble


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