The Cauldron

                           1. The Cauldron

On a Tuesday morn, I found

Myself in a Cauldron

Why do my limbs burn?
I tried getting up
But could raise only my neck

And I witnessed
A city burning, almost famished-
Like the barefoot traveller I

once met on a highway, under the August sun.

I saw

The grey horizon

outlining the charred buildings

the symbols of civilisation charred amidst

a drift of charcoal leaves

I wanted to scream, call out to the residents
Of the burning city

But when I tried to speak
I was only spewing lava
I tried again, but in that time
The lava solidified

Why were the Ants running around?
Why did they burn
Themselves in the fire that had
Just destroyed the eight directions

I wouldn’t have thought that I would
See any other creature, but then I saw eighty-eight
Crows circling the cauldron…..


                           2. Eighty-eight crows

A flock of crows circling
The city’s litter, gorging upon stale
Food, trash cans; as a gale
Of wind gushed away
The polythene in airs of hay

This flock of crows, trying to find
food, met on its way folks
of their species, coming back
From a mass funeral; the leader of the pack
With its twisted beak commanded
Each and every crow be reprimanded.

“Listen when I reprimand you; I
Will give you good advice and share
My knowledge with you.”

Eighty-eight crows circled
The master and, they listened

Most of us prefer the garbage-
And others fight over the baggage
that mortals leave behind
But, I say, garbage or baggage, it’s the same thing

Under different veils

I once saw the soul of a lion, walking

through the street and enter the womb of one of our community

and at other time, I saw a human’s soul pushed into an ant

The same thing

Veneer differs


                      3. Obvious, is it?

Life is transient

May be

May be, not


Well, think about it….


By Taranum © 2017





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