The mechanics of everyday life

“It is the lives we encounter that make life worth living.”

This specific quotation by Guy de Maupassant started a train of thoughts in my mind- a whole idea composed of various compartmentalised issues.

But like the Gestalt law in psychology, the whole is better than the sum of its parts: and, so is our existence as human beings on this hearth of a habitation.

An entire life spent on an experiential level- sleeping at night, waking up in the morning, feeling the touch of morning breeze on your skin, meeting people at your work place, forming ideas, and so on and so forth.

The specifics of everyday life operate on a very mechanical plane- we perform our actions without thinking about them.

As we experience the gamut of a life, we form opinions. We meet many people, we like few, and few others we don’t like. Despite the dialectical attitude, we live, and, we love to live.

As such, the lives we encounter make it worth living: because, as real people, we think and feel stuff around us.

There is a spectrum of emotions that we feel and put up with.

We laugh, and we cry. Sometimes, a hearty laugh like a baby, and at other times, the cool smirk of an adult. At times, we cry in a high pitched voice because the sense of loss that we feel is too overwhelming. And sometimes, we don’t cry because our grief is so over whelming.

Despite it all, we live because the people around us make it worth living, for good or for bad.


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