How to cut an orange?

Seeds travel through Esophagus Unchanged, Unscathed. When you first Remove the peel And see the Flesh covered in a Layer, as thin as amniotic sac You wonder, how could Life develop In darkness. When you separate The pieces and A gush of Juice targets your Eyes You think of waters That run through Your being.… Continue reading How to cut an orange?


Lost faith

I see monsters gurgling At the Edges of people's mouths Words fall as if the earth Is flat I sometimes wear A mask of complicity I sometimes laugh With unabashed candour If only one could peel off The skins, hard, ragged and rugged Look beneath to find Me holding the wick Of a candle I… Continue reading Lost faith

Book Review

Review of ‘The Lowland’ by Jhumpa Lahiri

Following is a summary of the psychological analysis of the characters in 'The Lowland' by Jhumpa Lahiri . Backdrop:- 1. West Bengal of the 1960s and 1970s. (Mainly Calcutta and Naxalbari). 2. Rhode Island, The USA. Characters: 1. Udayan and Subhash (the brothers). After their college education, Udayan adopts the ideology of Naxalism, while Subhash… Continue reading Review of ‘The Lowland’ by Jhumpa Lahiri



1. It skitters and Splatters on edges, along Tangents, a directionless Singularity. 2. It is a wave of Coldness, draughts Of air that vanish in The rifts and deep Valleys. 3. It flows as a Fragrant breeze Emanating from shafts And hearths duped by Gravity. 4. A disquisition of Inductions, deductions Unanswered since Ages. 5.… Continue reading Time